Who Is Coty Built

Born from a love of the outdoors and fueled by a passion for German Performance, Coty Built is an offshoot of world renowned VW Tuner, HPA Motorsports that is focused on filling the gap between practicality and desire for the Jeep enthusiast. With more than two decades of experience in the high performance arena, the engineering prowess and attention to detail of the HPA team is evidenced in the fit and finish of every Coty Built product and conversion. We all love our Jeeps and with 30+ mpg we can unrestrict their usage. The TDI conversion expands the profile of these rugged vehicles into practical daily commuters.

Volkswagen Powered TDI Jeep Project

After many years of building high powered VW’s, President of HPA Motorsports, Marcel Horn, went looking for a recreational vehicle that could support his thirst for torque, yet keep his three young boys safe during weekend adventures. Living in the Pacific North West, weekends are punctuated with routine camping trips into the great outback where endless miles of logging roads and trails are waiting to be explored.

Project Criteria:

- A chassis that was capable, yet affordable

- A powertrain that was simple and durable

- Fuel mileage able to support long range explorations

- A do-all platform that could transport a variety of equipment

Stumbling across a red 1991 Jeep YJ peeking out from a barn where it had been stored for more than 6 years; a project was born.

With 23 years of experience swapping motors and creating some of the fastest VW/Audi’s in the World, our team’s mind was swimming with thoughts of Volkswagen’s diesel offerings which reign supreme in Germany. The Jeep's 2.5L 4 cylinder motor left a load of unused real-estate under the hood; When you study one of our twin turbo Beetle engine bays you can only imagine how appealing the Jeep was at first sight.

The concept: to mate a VW TDI motor with the Jeep’s drivetrain from the flywheel back.

We chose to use the late model PD diesel from the 2003-2006 Golf/Jetta/Beetle which boasts 47mpg on the freeway. With a simple performance flash to the ECU it rates 165 crank HP and 265 ftlbs of torque.

Our in-house engineering team sunk their teeth into the project; using CAD to develop the power train interface and motor mounts while our expert tech team set out to integrate the electronics.