Volkswagen 2.0TDI CR Gen 1/2 EA189 engines for 2007-2011 Jeep JK and JKU

Since its introduction in 2009, over 11 Million Volkswagen EA189 2.0TDI CR’s have been sold. This is one of the most sought-after high-performance diesels on the market today.

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The Coty built team has been outfitting Jeeps with the Volkswagen TDI’s for almost a decade now. With an ever-shifting culture around emissions compliance, the ’07 and later JK and JKU applications are offered under builders’ parts only and not as “turn key conversions”.

Coty will not sell its sub systems separately; all categories must be bundled at time of check out.

Coty’s engineers have gone to great lengths to develop installation systems to allow the Jeep enthusiasts a fully bolt in solution for the Gen 1/2  2.0TDI.CR engines.

The 2.0TDI builders kit enables the Jeep’s NSG370 manual gearbox, clutch and flywheel to mount to the power plant and for the powerplant to mount to the oem Jeep frame rails without any cutting or welding. (automatic application not currently available)

Coty’s self contained “Black Box” and electrical harness drives the sophisticated electronics of this ultra light weight high-performance diesel engine and maintains Volkswagens quick-start preheating technology. A Stand alone VDO “CANcockpit” delivers RPM, hours and critical warning messages for the operator during normal daily operation. (Coty has not integrated with the factory in-dash tachometer or gauge cluster on the JK/JKU.)

In off-road trim, the 2.0TDI CR powerplants are configured for 180HP and 360 ftlbs TQ. Each engine is outfit with an integrated liquid cooled intake manifold and a high flow performance turbo downpipe. Coty’s self-contained fueling module delivers and filters the needed fuel using off the shelf Volkswagen service parts.

At the front of the engine, Coty’s innovative “Truss 2.0” mounts to the pulley side of the 2.0TDI and enables the Jeeps original AC and Power steering to be re used.

Built for a 1G environment, the oiling system of the 2.0 is perfectly suited for extreme off-road approach and decent angles. The Volkswagen 2.0 TDI CR uses a forged crankshaft enabling it to handle extremely high working loads.

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