1.9 / 2.0 PD Conversion Kits

Conversion Kits for 1.9 / 2.0 PD

We offer comprehensive 1.9 / 2.0 PD TDI conversion systems for YJ, TJ/LJ (manual trans)- starting at $5,495 USD.

Our packages are compatible with all 1.9 / 2.0 (PD) TDI engines from Volkswagens late 2003 through 2006 production. TDI’s fit with our upgraded camshaft and VNT based turbo deliver a healthy150hp and 260ftlbs of torque.

Coty engine SEMAConversion Goals:

- Coty Built sets out to retain as much oem “Jeep” in every package as possible. This facilitates ease of service in the field and access to parts when out on Jeep adventures

- Retain full functionality of oem Jeep instrument cluster

- Deliver a low vibration, fuel efficient and lightweight diesel experience

Our owners report 25-32mpg across a wide variety of tire sizes and gearing options. It is the immediate TQ delivery however that our owners claim out shines the doubling in fuel mileage.

Coty Built 1.9 Dyno

Step 1 - Installing the Engine

Our goal is to break down the TDI conversion to the simplest level so only a VW long block assembly is being installed. By retaining as much “Jeep” as possible under the hood, we simplify field service and support.

The Trussmember is a proprietary engineered engine cradle that houses the engine accessories, belt drive and suspends the TDi engine assembly. With the engine accessories mounted in similar to oe locations, connecting hydraulic lines and electrical routing is intuitive and clearance between your 4-link suspension of your engine accessories is not a concern.

Coty built Trussmember

- All Truss members are the same between YJ and TJ applications

- Only the weld in pedestals vary to ensure fitment and driveline alignment.

- The Truss is designed around AC/Alternator and PS pump from a 97 2.5 4clynder TJ.Other years may require modification to Truss for clearance and are not recommended.

Coty built Tranny AdapterStep 2 - Transmission Fitment

Currently, The Cotybuilt conversions systems support only manual gearboxes. We have designed a cast aluminum adapter plate with CNC crank adapters that reposition the oem Jeep* Flywheel allowing builders to retain Jeep specific clutch kits.

When building the YJ and TJ, the gearbox’s original location remains unchanged allowing full compatibility with existing lift kits and Jeep performance parts. 

Gear boxes supported AX5*, AX15, NV3550, NSG370

Coty built Boost PlumbingStep 3 - Boost Plumbing

Due to the low target speeds for most Jeeps, oe Volkswagen air to air inter cooling was not the optimal choice. Cotybuilt has packaged a liquid cooled after cooler and preformed all the boost plumbing in black silicon pipes to facilitate a neat and tidy under hood installation. The shorten boost track combined with the stable intake temp range allow the engine management software to be optimized for immediate throttle response on and off the trails.

Step 4 - Electronic Integration

Coty built developed a dual CAN interface module. This module converts the proprietary Volkswagen messages into data that drives the Jeep instrumentation*. It also converts the Jeep gearbox speed detail into a speed signal that the TDI ECU is in need of to optimize fuel enrichment.

Engine harness
Our team has developed a near plug and play standalone electrical engine harness that ties into the Jeep chassis and drives all necessary electrical segments of the Volkswagen TDi long block.

Engine ecu
Using our in-house all wheel drive Super Flow dyno, our team has optimized the ecu calibrations to accommodate the most popular gear/tire combinations. The VW immobilizer has been defeated and the latest base software and glow plug calibrations have been flashed on. The ecu’s will be plug and play.

Step 5 - Installation Bits

Over the past five years, the number of variations documented between platform production runs and model years has been staggering. The Cotybuilt team has developed an installers group. This addresses the following

Gas pedal installation bracket – radiator spacer and after cooler mount.

Relay bracket, fuel filter bracket – fuel pump housing and a list of others that are platform specific.

CAD designed, CNC machined and tig welded, this comprehensive system takes the engineering fears out of the mix and results in an OEM look and feel under your hood.

*AX5 water jet adapter and requires new flywheel
*TJ instruments 1997-2002-split application 03-06

For more information or to order your 1.9 / 2.0 PD Conversion Kit. Please email us at: info@cotybuilt.com