1.9 / 2.0 PD Turn Key Builds

Currently we offer in-house TJ/YJ/LJ builds.

Our certified master technicians will transform your current Jeep into a smooth running high TQ 28-33mpg daily driver within 3 weeks.

Current offerings support AX5,AX15, NV3550 and NSG370 manual gear boxes.

Our technicians will remove the front radiator support and unbolt the stock engine from your transmission. With the engine removed, your skid plate, transmission and shafts will be left untouched.

We convert the radiator support to fit electric fans and integrate our CAN module to drive your OEM instrument cluster with full functionality. We will integrate the TDI fuel system with the Jeep chassis and build an access panel above the fuel tank to facilitate easier service down the road.

Every engine we supply has been inspected and refreshed with seals, belts, camshaft inspection and a tandem pump upgrade. Our technicians only use new engine accessories such as alternator, power steering pump and AC compressor if needed.

Post installation, each rig is loaded onto our all wheel drive Superflow dyno and broken in where fuel delivery pressures and performance output are all controlled. A 120 mile hwy shake down is performed to validate consumption and real world behaviour.

Turn key builds start at $20,000 USD and may vary based on your vehicle ad desired configuration


Email us at info@cotybuilt.com with your inquires and our team will work with you to realize your goals for your Jeep.

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