Why TDI?


Leading the world market in clean diesel development, Volkswagen's OBD II compliant TDI motors have set the bar for fuel economy, noise suppression, and durability.


105 hp and 150 ft lbs out of the box, the 1.9L TDI engine is easily tuned to 160 hp and 265 ft lbs of torque through software alone. All the torque you need to get your Jeep out of sticky situations or over the steepest rocks.


Shaving 50 pounds off the OEM Jeep 4 cylinder motor, this powerful little engine is vibration free and won't imbalance the chassis like bigger diesel engine swaps will. Designed for a 1G environment, it is a perfect all terrain power plant.


Averaging an impressive 30-35 miles per gallon equals direct fuel savings on a daily basis; plus you won't need to carry a lot of extra fuel on long excursions.