1.9PD Builder's Parts

For builders who want to source their own BEW TDI engine and purchase individual builders parts separately, we offer the following component kits below:


$1495 - Jeep / TDI Truss Member System, includes:

*Main Truss Assembly

*Frame Side Pedestals (TJ)

*Crankshaft Pulley Spacer

*Accessory Belt (with AC)

*Idler Pulleys

*Auto Tensioner

*Motor Mounts

*Installation Hardware


$1495 - Jeep / TDI AX-15 / NV3550 / NSG-370 Transmission Adapter Package, includes:

*Transmission Adapter

*Crankshaft to Flywheel Adapter

*Coolant Block Off and Relocation Adapters


*Starter Adapter

*Bolts, Spacers, and Hardware


$1395 - Jeep / TDI Air To Water Intercooler Package, includes:

*Air To Water Intercooler

*Radiator for AWIC System with Fan

*Water Pump

*K&N Air Filter

*Custom Silicone / Plumbing

*Mounting Brackets for Intercooler to Truss

*Bolts, Spacers, and Hardware


$1595 - Coty Built 1.9L TDI BEW Engine Conversion Harness, includes:

*Fuel Pump Wiring

*VW Specific Terminal Ends

*Labeled Paths for Installation

*Compatibility With EDC16 ECUs

*Waterproof Relays with Heat Shielded Wires


$599 Coty Built ECU tune


For more information or to order your builder's parts. Please email us at: info@cotybuilt.com